New app for vapers.. Enter Ohmaster

I have recently published my newest Android app, Ohmaster. What is it?

To begin with, it has the standard Ohm’s law calculator. That is, you can enter any 2 values of Ohms, Watts, Volts, or Amps, and the remaining 2 values will be calculated for you. Nothing fancy here but still a staple for anyone that is building their own atomizer coils.





What separates this calculator from all the rest are those 3 radio buttons below it. By selecting one of them, at the bottom it will output a list of all possible values (within the ranges defined in the settings). In this image, I have the max for Watts set to 20, and max ohms set to 1.5. After selecting Ohm, it spits out all ohm variations that would fall within the defined ranges. So if you know you like 3.7v, you can quickly see all the values that would hit that within the capabilities of your device or battery, saving you the time of repeatedly doing calculations.




Next up is the Wrap Estimator.



With this, you choose your wire type and gauge, the coil diameter, and number of wraps. Then just choose the length of the leads (the wire that goes from the coil to the posts), and out spits the estimated resistance. In the settings there is an option to enable manual millimeter entry for the diameter as well. The wire types include round Kanthal and Nichrome, as well as Kanthal ribbon.

Most wire types support 28 – 32 gauge, with select types going down to 24.


For the specifics of all supported wire types and to follow coming features, visit the Ohmaster page.

Welcome to my new home

This domain has had a number of facelifts over the years. The old inactive forums that were here for nearly 2 years now have finally been removed, and at least for now, this is what will replace it. I can’t say for sure yet what all will be posted here.. But we shall see..